News & Recent Developments

New Probate Fees For May 2017

From May 2017 a sliding scale for Probate fees will be introduced, replacing the old fixed fee system and dramatically increasing the cost for some.... Read More

Supreme court judgement provides important guidance on a person's right to exclude children from their will

This case considered crucial subjects such as a person’s financial responsibility towards their children, their ability to exclude those children in favour of unrelated, unconnected entities, the interaction between the state and family obligations and above all a person’s right to leave their estate as they wish.... Read More

Canterbury Branch Office

We are delighted to announce that we are now practising at our new branch office in Canterbury city centre.... Read More

Intestacy Rules

Intestacy rules apply when a person dies without leaving a valid Will. These rules dictate which relatives can benefit, in which circumstances and by how much so they vary depending upon the person’s personal circumstances on death... Read More

New Requirements for Companies from 6 April 2016: The Register of People with Significant Control

New rules have now come into force which require most UK incorporated companies to record details of any persons who have significant control over the company and, with effect from 30 June 2016, to make those details public... Read More


A significant concern to a number of our clients who are owed money by an individual in circumstances where there is no dispute, is the ability to effect service of a petition personally on that person where our client knows that the individual is likely to take whatever action they can to avoid accepting receipt of a petition.... Read More

Second Homes and Investment Properties - SDLT Increases from 1 April 2016

This article will be of immediate interest to those investing in or letting residential properties... Read More

Going Underground: The Legal Status of Vaults

Land registration in England and Wales provides evidence of legal ownership of property to owners and would-be owners of property. On this basis, parties are generally able to rely upon Land Registry title plans to determine the extent of land being acquired or disposed of.... Read More

Unauthorised Subletting in Central London

Unauthorised Subletting in Central London is becoming an increasingly troublesome issue.... Read More

The Breakdown of the EU's Common Asylum Policy

A refugee is defined as being a person who, for well-founded fear of prosecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion, flees his country. The primary legal obligation of the host country is not to return the refugee to the country of origin, where his life or freedom would be threatened; save for reasons of public safety and security that apply to him individually... Read More